Recommended stores


To help customers locate your products, you can provide current recommendations of stores where they can buy them.

Just put a list of stores on your website and explain why you recommend them. A special icon will appear next to the names of stores you recommend. When a customer clicks on the icon, the manufacturer's store recommendation will appear in a new window along with a link to get more detailed information about the program.

You can see where the recommendation icon displays by referring to the corresponding section.

How to participate in the program

Manufacturers whose product-models already have profiles and stores that send the element vendor can send information about recommended stores.

Restriction. Store offers in the “Pharmacy” category can not have recommendation icons.

To send information about recommended stores:

  1. Fill out the form. A manager will contact you and talk about the next steps.

    Note. The form is only available in Russian.
  2. Publish the program conditions and your list of recommended stores on your website, along with an explanation of why you recommend those stores. (For example, certain stores offer additional guarantees or have staff that completed additional training and can provide extensive answers to questions about the products you manufacturer.)

  3. Pay the invoice (the program is a paid service).

Store promotion

Manufacturers can influence where their recommended stores' offers display by adding additional bids to the ones the stores set.

You can manage bids in the manufacturer's partner interface .

Note. The partner interface is only available in Russian.