Formats and requirements

Requirements for transmitting data

  1. Data is accepted in the VendorYML or XLS format.

  2. Our robot regularly checks links to vendor sites, so do not prohibit link indexing in the robots.txt file (at least for User-agent: Yandex). Otherwise the robot can't check if your links work and they will not show up on the product profile.

  3. Materials you post on Yandex.Market should be published on the vendor's site and available over the HTTP and HTTPS protocols. You can grant standard authorization to the Yandex.Market robot to download your file (data for authorization needs to be approved by Yandex.Market).

  4. If you change the file address or the vendor's authorization information, you need to let Yandex.Market know.

VendorYML format

VendorYML is a format developed by Yandex that is based on the XML standard. This format makes it easy for vendors to describe their product-models and lets Yandex.Market quickly and effectively process the data it receives.

Requirements for a VendorYML file
  1. The VendorYML standard does not support nonprintable characters with ASCII codes 0 through 31 (except for characters 9, 10, and 13 — tab, new line, and carriage return).

  2. The ", &, >, <, and ' characters need to be replaced with their equivalent codes:

    Symbol in text

    Code for the VendorYML file

  3. Acceptable encodings for the VendorYML file: UTF-8, windows-1251.

XLS format

If you don't update your inventory information on your site very often, it's best to use the simplified XLS format for data transfer.

Requirements for XLS files
  1. The file must consist of a single page.

  2. Your page should include two tables: one with category descriptions and another with product-model descriptions. The tables should be separated by an empty string.

  3. The tables should not contain empty columns. You do not need to include columns for optional elements.

  4. You can't use the tab or new line characters.

  5. Category and product-model IDs should not be used multiple times in the same file.