Use the rec element to send information about accessories, spare parts, components, or other products that work with yours. For example, you can recommend a cartridge for your printer or a telephone that fits your case.

This element is optional.

  1. How to use this element
  2. Example

How to use this element

<rec type=" " isSupplement=" " innerId=" " marketId=" ">...</rec>

Elements and attributes:

Element/atribute Description

Name of recommended product-model.

Can be in English or Russian.


Recommendation type. Possible values:

  • consumable — consumable materials

    • For example: a cartridge is recommended for a printer and the printer is recommended for the cartridge.
  • accessory — accessory

    • For example: a case is recommended for a phone and suitable phone is recommended for the case.
  • spare-part — spare part

    • For example: a gas ring is recommended for a kitchen range and a range is recommended for a gas ring.
  • component — component

    • For example: a countertop is recommended for a kitchen sink, and a sink is recommended for a countertop.
  • companion — a related product (for all other product situations).

    • For example: a skirt is recommended to go with a jacket in the same style.

If you don't specify a type, it is considered to be a "companion."


If the recommended product adds to the main one in some way, specify the isSupplement element with the value true. For example, if you recommend an accessory, spare part, component, etc.

In other cases, do not use this element or assign it the value false.


ID of recommended product-model in current file.


Profile ID of recommended product on Yandex.Market.

How to find an ID

Open the product profile on Market and look at its URL. The ID is the collection of digits following “.../product/”. For example:

All elements and attributes are optional.


<model id="12341" categoryId="10">
  <name>EOS 60D Body</name>
  <rec type="component" isSupplement="true" innerId="167" marketId="7888908">Canon lens EF 50 mm f/1.8 STM</rec>
  <rec type="accessory" isSupplement="true" marketId="14210745">Gadget Bag camera bag</rec>
  <rec type="consumable" isSupplement="true">Battery for Canon AcmePower AP-LP-E6</rec>