Advertising claims

Claim regarding ad posted on Yandex.Market

Under the terms of the Yandex.Market service offer, advertisers determine their own ad content and the conditions under which their ads are posted. Therefore, they are responsible for ensuring that their ads correspond to the law. If you have claims regarding an ad posted on Yandex.Market, you must contact the advertiser who posted it.

If you also want to inform Yandex, you can send an official letter to the address: “Yandex” Inc., Ulitsa Lva Tolstogo 16, Moscow, Russia 119021 The letter should state:

  • The name of your organization, including what type of legal entity it is (or your full name).

  • A description of the ad that you are making claims about: the ad text, site the ad links to, and (if relevant) the placement conditions (for example, keywords, targeting, etc.).

  • An explanation of why you think the ad violates the law with links to current legislation or other documents that support your position.

Sign the letter and attach copies of the documents you reference as well as a document confirming your credentials as the signee.

We will review all your letters. Based on the results of the review, Yandex will take all measures it can to deal with the situation. Please keep in mind, however, that Yandex as an advertising distributor is legally restricted in its ability to respond to certain situations.

Suspect that advertiser is scammer (involved in illegal activities)

If you suspect that an advertiser is breaking the law, then Yandex has the right to check whether or not said advertiser's ads meet legal requirements (in accordance with the legal authority Yandex has as the ad distributor). However, Yandex can not confirm or refute statements as to whether an advertiser has broken the law — law enforcement- and judicial-authorities are the parties responsible for this and you will need to contact them in this regard.

Suspect that store sells counterfeit products

To reduce incidences of counterfeit-good purchases, eBay,, Wikimart, Yandex and Mail.Ru Tovary and Yandex.Market created the Nezavisimoe obyedinenie tovarnykh agregatorov (independent association of product aggregators, hereafter NOTA).

NOTA reviews all messages regarding counterfeit goods and publishes the information on the servers of NOTA participants. A detailed inquiry is conducted in response to every message received. When necessary, a vendor evaluation is conducted. If the examination finds that the product is counterfeit, then advertising for the product and other information is deleted immediately from all services that participate in NOTA.

We urge all vendors to support NOTA to ensure that users have a safe internet-shopping experience. NOTA participants are notified of complaints regarding counterfeit products.

Note. The NOTA site is only available in Russian. If you have trouble using the site, please send a complaint to