Brand zone

The brand zone is a page on Yandex.Market with information about the brand and its products. It is designed by the vendor using the brand style. The vendor can use this page to promote their brand, showcase key products, and provide buyers with helpful information.

By default, Yandex.Market generates a page with brand information for all vendors who offer products using the service. This page contains the logo, text about the brand, a list of links to product categories, and a section with popular products.

You can design the default page with your brand style and promote products on it. To create a brand zone, submit a request. You can select one of two types of brand zones depending on the selected plan:

  • Basic: The page is created in the brand style and contains necessary information.
  • Extended: The page is created in the brand style and is additionally promoted: branded banners on Yandex.Market will have links to the brand zone.
  1. Brand zone design features
  2. What the brand zone looks like

Brand zone design features

When creating a brand zone, you can:

For more information about designing the brand zone, see Brand zone sections.

What the brand zone looks like