Yandex.Travel and user data

When you use Yandex.Travel, Yandex collects and sends data to its servers. All data is processed by Yandex according to the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy and the License Agreement to use the Yandex.Travel service.

To protect your data, please observe these general recommendations for protecting personal information.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact support.

What data is sent by Yandex.Travel

Type of dataReason(s) for sendingHow to disable data being sent
Region of userUsed to define the departure region to search for offers for tours and flights.It is not possible to use the Yandex.Travel service without this data. If you do not want to send this data, then do not use the Yandex.Travel service.
Search query (destination, date, number of nights, number of guests)Used to search for offers according to user's query.
Clicks on offers

Used to improve the quality of the service.

Used in billing partners.

Email addressUsed to subscribe to interesting offers about tours and hotels in the destination or hotel.It is not possible to subscribe without this information. If you do not want to send this data to Yandex, then do not use the subscribe function.

How to delete or transfer your data

To delete data previously sent to the Yandex.Travel service, or to transfer it from Yandex to another organization, please contact support using the feedback form below.

Report a problem or ask a question

If you cannot find the answer to your question or wish to report a problem, please contact support using the feedback form below.