Questions and Answers

Getting started

Supported platforms

Yandex.Transport is supported on iOS platforms 8 and above and Android 4.0 and above.

How can I find out my operating system version?

To find out your operating system version, tap Settings, and select General → About this device. In the Version line you'll see what operating system version your device is running on.

How can I find out my app version?

To find out what version of the app is installed:

  1. Tap , to go to your Profile.

  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Choose About.
  4. On the following page you can see which version of the app is installed on your device.

Where can I download the app?

You can download the Android version at the Yandex.Store or Google play.

The iOS version is available at the AppStore.

Supported languages

Yandex.Transport supports Russian, English, and Ukrainian.

The app will launch in English if your phone is set to a language not included in this list.

Which cities are currently displaying transport in real time?

To see an up-to-date list, go to Settings → Select your city. See Select your city.


How do search suggestions work?

You can use automatic search suggestions to enter your request faster.

The suggestions include a list of places with names similar to the request you entered. These places are listed by order of distance from the center of the map currently being displayed.


How can I set a route?
How can I set a route to a certain organization or place?

To set a route to a map point:

  1. Tap and hold the map point.
  2. In the context menu that appears, tap To here .

The route will start from your current location and end at the selected point.

See more in Set route.

How can I view my itinerary?
How can I reset a route?

Tap Cancel or the Close icon.

See more in Route details.

Why can't I set my route?

The route setting option is not available everywhere. If you can't set a route in Russia or abroad, let us know.

Road alerts and conversations

Are road events and conversations moderated?

Yes. The moderation rules are as follows:

  1. If you mark a road event such as an Accident, Speed camera, Road work, or Other, your note should only contain information about the road event.

  2. Conversations is a forum to discuss current road situations, but it is not a place to disseminate unrelated information.

A message of either type will be flagged under the following circumstances:

  1. It violates national laws.

  2. It contains profanity or other inappropriate words.

    This includes obscenities where part of the letters are replaced by stars or other symbols, yet the intended meaning is read and understood by native speakers.

  3. It incites hatred or attempts to humiliate a person or group based on their sex, race, nationality, language, country of origin, religious beliefs, or membership in a particular social group.

  4. It contains advertising.

  5. It contains incomprehensible groups of words or letters.

  6. It contains a phone number or other contact information.

  7. It contains political slogans or appeals to action.

  8. It reports a bombing or other extreme situation that we can not verify and that may frighten other users.

If a user's messages contain inappropriate content, they may be blocked from the app (see Why was I blocked from "conversations"?).

Why was I blocked from "conversations"?

A user can be blocked if they send messages containing non-permissible content (see Are road events and conversations moderated?).

If this is the first time you were blocked, the block will be lifted in 24 hours.

The block will not be lifted after your second offense.


Read the Yandex blog (in Russian) to find out how Yandex.Traffic works.

How current is traffic information?

Yandex.Traffic displays data provided by Yandex.Maps and Yandex.Navigator. See Traffic for more on how data is displayed.

The more frequently data is received, the more up to date it is. The current traffic picture is kept for a certain time period. If new data comes in during that time, then the visual representation changes along with it. If there is no new data, then traffic information will stop displaying until new data comes in.

Possible problems

Why isn't the app able to determine my location?

You might not have enabled geolocation on your device. To turn it on:

  • Android 4.3 and earlier: go to Settings → Location access and turn on GPS satellites.
  • Android 4.4: in the menu Settings → Location → Mode turn on Using all sources or GPS Satellites.
  • iOS: go to Settings → Privacy and turn on the Location services and Share my location options (from the app). If these options are already enabled, then make sure nothing is blocking the GPS signal (like the roof of your car).

Why don't all the routes display / why aren't they displaying accurately?

We get data on transport routes from our partners and unfortunately have no influence on how accurate or complete they are.

Where can I find a list of partners (organizations) that provide data?

You have to go to Settings → About → Data sources. See See app information

Complaints, suggestions, and issues

Please write to Support if you encounter problems with the Yandex.Transport app or to let us know what suggestions or preferences you have.

Please include as much detail as possible so that we can give you a complete response.