Configuring the app

Open Profile → Settings. You can:

  • select a city (icons of available transport options are displayed next to the name of the city)
  • customize the map view
  • enable or disable zoom buttons
  • enable or disable map rotation
  • customize road alerts
  • select the transport icons to be displayed on the map
  • enable Reminders
  • show car sharing vehicles if they are available in your city. To do this, please log in.

Yandex.Drive cars are only displayed for users of this services. If you have already registered with Yandex.Drive, log in to Yandex.Transport using the same account.

Under Routes, choose what transport types to use when setting city routes. For example, if you choose the metro, city routes will include metro options, even though the app has no information on trains.

In your Profile, you can also:
  • view achievement icons, such as for using Reminders in the app
  • get promo codes from our partners
  • top up your transport card
  • see the Bridge raising schedule and Transport news if your City is set to Saint Petersburg