Road event moderation

Road events and conversations are moderated. Moderation rules:

  1. Road events like “Accidents”, “Road work”, and “Other” must only contain information about the relevant road event.
  2. Road events like “Conversations” are a means of communicating strictly about the current road situation.

Messages are deleted if they contain:

  1. Violations of law
  2. Obscene or inappropriate language An expression that censures such language by replacing letters with asterisks and other symbols is considered obscene if it can still be read and understood by a native speaker.
  3. Provocation of hatred or hostility, as well as assaults against individuals or a group of people as defined by their sex, race, nationality, language, origin, religious beliefs, or social group.
  4. Advertisements
  5. Incomprehensible sets of words or letters
  6. Phone numbers or other contact information
  7. Political slogans or calls for action
  8. Messages about upcoming terrorist attacks or other similar statements that we cannot verify and that frighten users

A user may be blocked for including inappropriate content in their messages. The first block is removed in 24 hours. After the second incident, the user is blocked forever.