Yandex.Transport tells you what the current state of traffic is in many different cities.


You can find the list of available cities under the Choose City setting.

Tap Traffic to see a visual representation of the traffic situation (to disable this mode, just tap the button again).

The traffic jam level is indicated by color:

  • — traffic is moving freely
  • — traffic is moving slower in this area
  • — traffic is jammed up
  • — no movement

If there is no reliable traffic data for a given area, then you will not see a color indicator.

When Traffic mode is enabled, you'll see a number on the button that designates how serious the traffic situation currently is.

Here's what the button color means:

  • green — traffic is moving freely, no jams
  • yellow — average traffic levels, slight slow-down
  • red — there are a lot of jammed-up areas
  • blinking yellow means that traffic data is being uploaded from the network.

Points correspond to the traffic level.

Traffic conditions are measured on a ten-point scale with the following indications:

  • 1 — Traffic is moving freely
  • 2 — Traffic is moving fairly freely
  • 3, 4 — There are areas of congestion
  • 5 — Traffic is heavy
  • 6 — Traffic is backed up
  • 7 — There are serious jams
  • 8 — Jams extend for several km
  • 9 — Traffic is at a complete standstill
  • 10 — Faster to walk