Customize app

You can:

Select your city

To select a city:

  1. Tap .

  2. Select City.

  3. Select your city from the list on the page that appears (next to the city name you'll see icons for the transport modes that are available for that city in the app).

    The city you select will display in the Current city line:

You can set routes within the selected city and see traffic conditions.

If an icon for one or more modes of transport displays next to the city name, you can also track their movements along routes in real time:

  •  — bus
  •  — trolleybus
  •  — tram
  •  — minibus

Choose transport

Follow these steps to choose modes of transport that will display in the app (from those available in the current city):

  1. Tap .

  2. In the list of transport modes, Map points,choose the types of transport that you want displayed in the app:

Show events and conversations

Follow these steps to view road events or add your own conversation:

  1. Tap .

  2. Go to Settings → Road events.

  3. Enable Show on map and select the types of events that you want to display.

    See for information on event types and about how to add a message to conversations on the map.

Clear map cache

  1. Tap .

  2. Select Clear map cache.

See app information

  1. Tap .

  2. Choose About app.

    On the following page you can:

    • see which version of the app is installed on your device

    • send questions and suggestions to our developers

    • read the text of the end user license agreement for the app

    • see the list of data sources (suppliers). These are organizations that provide information about public transport in the cities we cover.


      You can view the list of cities that the app currently covers under the Choose City setting.

See other Yandex apps

  1. Tap .

  2. Choose apps from the Other Yandex apps line.

    If the app is already installed on your device, it will launch. If you haven't installed it yet, then the page where you can download it opens.