Set route

Starting and ending points

There are a few different ways to set or reset your route:

Select points on the map

Your current location will either be the beginning or ending point of your route. To enter the other point:

  1. Tap and hold the appropriate point on the map and a context menu will open.

  2. Choose either To here or From here in the context menu:

    • From here: the route will start from the selected point and end at your current location.
    • — To here: the route will start from your current location and end at the selected point.

Set points in the Route form

  1. Tap Route  on the map.

  2. In the Route form enter your starting () and ending () points:

    In the line, your “Current location” is listed by default. Tap on it for your route to begin from your current location.

  3. Tap  or  and choose how you want to enter your destination:

    • using the keyboard — start entering your destination address:

    • My location — the point will automatically correspond to your current location.

    • Indicate on map — use your finger to plot your destination on the map. When you have it set correctly, tap Done:

  4. One or more public transport routes, as well as options to go by taxi or walk there, will be suggested automatically when both points are plotted:

Change route direction

When your starting and ending points are set, you can switch your route direction.

Just tap :

And the route will change to:

Choose route

Yandex.Transport offers you one or more routes based on different combinations of transport types as well as options to take a taxi or walk.

You can choose the best option for you as well as take advantage of the following features:

Route cards display under three tabs in the lower part of the screen when you set your route:

  • — trips on public transport
  • — walking routes
  • — trips by taxi

To get to a different route option, go to the appropriate tab and swipe the route card to the left or right:

Walking routes are set for routes less than 50 km long. To view them, go to the tab, where the distance and approximate trip time and calories spent are also displayed.

Additionally, in cities where Yandex.Taxi operates, a taxi route is always set. To view it, go to the tab.

Tap Call a Yandex.Taxi in the itinerary to get a taxi right from the app. You will be transferred to the order screen in the mobile Yandex.Taxi app (which you need to install on your device).

Choose “my route”

If you've already created a My routes list, then you can choose your route from it:

  1. Tap Route  on the map.

  2. Choose your route from the My Routes list in the panel that appears:

Your route will be set.

Choose a recent address

You can also set your route using addresses that you recently searched for.

  1. Tap Route  on the map.

  2. Choose your address from the Recent Addresses list found in the panel that appears:

The selected address will be set as your destination.

Route details

To see Route details, tap  in your itinerary:

You will see the names of the first and last stops on the chosen mode of transport under Route Details. Tap on the field listing the number of stops to expand the list: