Place cards

A place card is a panel containing information about a given place.

  1. Transit stop cards
  2. Organization cards

Transit stop cards

Tap the icon for your stop. A card with transit stops opens:

The card contains:

  1. Names of stops on the route.

  2. Icons for the types of transportation that stop there and their route numbers:

    • — bus
    • — trolleybus
    • — tram
    • — minibus
  3. Time until the next vehicle arrives (in minutes); time remaining is indicated by the color of the background:

    • green — 0-5 minutes

    • yellow — 5-10 minutes

    • red — more than 10 minutes

    • gray — indeterminate arrival time; in this case the interval between stops indicated on the transport schedule is shown.

  4. If several types of transport that run on the route in question are located close to the stop, then the card will show the time remaining (in minutes) until the arrival of each of them.

    For example, the nearest trolleybus on route B will arrive in 2 minutes, the following one will arrive 2 minutes after, and the third one will arrive 3 minutes after the second:

  5. Additionally, in cities where Yandex.Taxi operates, you'll see a line indicating the wait time for a taxi: .

    To call a taxi without leaving the app, tap on that line and the mobile Yandex.Taxi app will open (provided that it's already installed on your device).

  6. The icon, which lets you add a route to your favorites by tapping the icon for that route (see My transport).

To close the card, tap the map.


On some devices, you'll see a compilation of news posts from blogs and other publications which may be of interest to you at the bottom of the transport stop card. The compilation is put together by Yandex.Zen.

Organization cards

Tap the place name on the mapor in the search results list. A place card opens (the place itself is represented as ):

The card contains:

  1. The place name.

  2. — A How to get there button showing travel times on public transport.

    Tap the button to set the route to your destination.

  3. Location's address and administrative area.

  4. Hours of operation on current day:.

  5. Distance to place from current location:.

  6. The Open Yandex.Maps button, which launches the Yandex.Maps app when you tap on it and opens your location's place card.

To close the card, tap the map.