My Transport

The app shows all types of public transport in your area as they move along their routes in real time.

You can create a filter so that only public transport moving along selected routes is shown by creating a list of your public transport routes (My Transport).

Add a transport route to the list

  1. Tap the appropriate transport stop.

    A card for that stops opens:

  2. Tap in the route line. The icon will change colors and the route will be add to your My Transport list.

  3. Tap to close the panel.

  4. Tap .

    The map will only display vehicles running in real time on the routes you've included in your list:

Open list

To open the My Transport list, tap on the map and find the My Transport tab in the form that appears:

The list will display all “your routes”: both those that run through the area where you are currently located (Nearby), and those that are Far away:

Look at route details

  1. Open the transit stop card or the My Transport list.

  2. Tap the route line. A page with route details opens. It displays the names of the closest stop (marked ), the previous and next stops, and the final destination.

    Tap Show previous stops to see a list of all previous stops on the route.

    Tap ... more stops to see a list of all remaining stops on the route:

If you see an error in the route details, tap Report an error and let us know about it using the form that appears. Your message will be sent to Support.

Rename a stop in the list

Tap  in the route panel and choose Rename in the menu that appears. Then enter a new (or additional) stop name.

Tap Change and the stop will be renamed (without deleting the official name).

Remove a transport type (and stop) from the list

Tap in the route panel and select Delete in the menu that appears.

Tap Delete and the stop along with all related transportation routes will be deleted from the list.