Road alerts and conversations

Road alerts are points on the map with information on reported events. For example,  is a traffic accident and  is a text message or conversation.

Show/hide road events

Road alerts are shown by default. To set up this function:

  1. Go to the Profile tab.

  2. Tap Settings .

  3. Go to Settings → Road events.

  4. Enable Show on map and select the types of events that you want to see:

    • — conversations (comments about a specific location)
    • — road closures
    • — accidents
    • — other

Add conversation

  1. Tap and hold the point on the map and a context menu will open. Choose Add conversation.

  2. Enter your comment in the form that appears.

  3. Tap Send .

After your message passes moderation it will be added to the map.

To view your message, tap on the conversation icon .

Add a comment

  1. Tap on the alert.

  2. Tap on the Comments line in the form that appears.

  3. Enter your comments.

    You can rate the conversation: tap  or to leave a positive or negative rating.

    You can also confirm that a road event has taken place (by tapping ) or note that it has ended (for example, a broken traffic light is working again) by tapping .