Road alerts and conversations

Road alerts are points on the map that correspond to reported events (for example, an accident is represented as ) as well as user-generated text messages, or "conversations", represented as .

  1. Show/hide road events
  2. Add conversation
  3. Add a comment

Show/hide road events

Road alerts are shown by default. Follow these steps to show/hide road events or add your own conversation:

  1. Tap .

  2. Go to Settings → Road alerts.

  3. Enable Show on map and select the types of events that you want to display:

    • — conversations (commentary about a specific location)
    • — road blocked
    • — accident
    • — other

Add conversation

To add a conversation to the map:

  1. Tap and hold the point on the map and a context menu will open. Select the Add conversation option.

  2. Enter your commentary in the form that appears.

  3. Tap Send.

After your message passes moderation it will be added to the map.

To view your text, tap on the conversations icon .

Add a comment

To add your commentary to a road event or conversation:

  1. Tap on the appropriate event.

  2. Tap on the Commentary line in the form that appears.

  3. Enter your commentary.

    You can also choose to rate an existing conversation rather than adding your own commentary. Just tap  or   to leave a positive or negative rating.

    Additionally, you can confirm that a road event has taken place by tapping or note that an event has resolved (if, for example, a light that was burned out has been fixed) by tapping .