Enter your username and password on the Profile  tab to access saved routes and other information. You can sync settings on different devices.

Here you can:

  • Open the menu of available app settings ─ tap the Settings button:

  • See:

    • Badges you have received for achievements in the app:

      • Path search
      • Early bird
      • City owl
      • First word
      • Using all means
      • Search master
      • Seven hills
      • Northern capital
      • Chestnut city
      • Reminder
      • Metropolitan Line
      • Tunnel under La Manche
      • The Belgian coast
      • The longest bridge
      • Ironman
      • Gagarin's Flight
      • The 20th Tour de France
      • Around the world

      The badges you've been awarded are shown in color. For example, “Everything is just starting!”:

      Rewards that you have yet to receive are shown in gray. For example:

    • Promo codes from app partners that you can use.

  • Contact the developers.

    If you see an error in the route details, tap this button and write a comment in the form that opens. Your message will be sent to Support.