The map  displays your approximate location (you can move the map).

Public transport:

  • ─ stops
  • Moving public transport vehicles (shown as icons moving along the roads):
  • — bus
  • — trolleybus
  • — tram
  • — minibus

For example, here is a route 79 trolleybus moving to the northeast:

Buttons on the map:

— Your location

The  icon indicates your location on the map (the arrow shows which direction your device is facing).

— Traffic

Displays the current traffic conditions.

— Favorite routes

Enables a filter that displays favorite routes (My transport).

— Favorites

Opens your lists of favorites: My routes and My transport.

and  — Change zoom

You can also change the map's scale by stretching or shrinking it, or you can zoom in by double-tapping anywhere on the map.

Some phones may have other ways of changing scale (for example, using the volume button).

Buttons can be hidden.

You can also see (show on the map):

  •  — Available carsharing vehicles.
  • Tap the company logo to find out the vehicle brand and the rental price.
  • Tap the Book button to reserve a car.
  • Tap the parking icon to find out the number of bicycles, free spaces and the phone number of the managing company.

You can use the Search bar to find a place, business, or public transport route.