Use the app

The home page displays a map of your current location that includes public transport stops and icons that move in real time (representing various transportation types and routes).

For example, this is how the route 33 trolleybus looks as it drives around the northeast area of the city:


Transport icon types:

  • — bus
  • — trolleybus
  • — tram
  • — minibus

Additionally, road events and conversations can also be displayed on the map (if you enable these options).

Buttons included on the map:

— Traffic jams

Shows the current traffic jam level.

— Routes

Allows you to set your route.

— Location determination

Determines your current location. Your location is shown as ( when setting routes); it is taken into account when you search for places and set routes.

— Favorite routes

Searches for your favorite routes on public transport (My transport).

— Favorites

— Opens both of your favorite route lists: your My routes list of personal routes, and your My transport list of public transportation routes.

 and  — Change scale

Allows you to zoom in and out on the map.

You can also change the map's scale by pinching or spreading it, or by tapping twice on any area of the map to zoom in.

Some mobile phone models let you set up other ways to alter the scale, such as by using the volume button.

You can hide buttons.

— Profile

From your personal account, you can:

You can also use the Search bar to find geographic areas, organizations, or public transport routes.