Voice input and text-to-speech

What languages support voice input and text-to-speech?

Voice input is available for English, Russian, Turkish, and Ukrainian

The list of supported languages for text-to-speech depends on your currently-installed browser and what operating system you are using.

Can I slow down the speed of text-to-speech?

The current version of Yandex.Translate does not support this feature.

You can send your feature suggestions for Yandex.Translate via the feedback form.

Why does voice input not work?

It's possible that voice input is blocked by your browser or it does not support the translation language you wish to use.

To unblock voice input:

  1. Click . In your browser's address bar, click this icon .

  2. In the pop-up window that appears, click Always allow https://translate.yandex.com access to your microphone.

  3. Click Done and then refresh the page.

What do I do if text-to-speech isn't working?

If problems with text-to-speech occur for languages that support this feature, please check the following:

  • that sound is not muted on your computer

  • that the current version of your browser supports Yandex.Translate
List of supported browsers

One of the following browsers must be installed in order for Yandex.Translate to function correctly:

Browser nameVersion
Yandex15.12 and higher
Internet Explorer9 and higher
Microsoft Edge25.0 and higher
Opera12.17 and higher
Mozilla Firefox44.0 and higher
Google Chrome48.0 and higher

You might also encounter problems with text-to-speech if you have entered a very long piece of text.