Translating text in images

To translate text from photos and images:
  1. Drag an image to the Text tab or go to the Images tab and select an image.
  2. The service will automatically identify the language from which or to which you want to translate the text from the image. If this doesn't happen, select the languages from the list.

To save the translated image to your device, click Download to the upper right of the translation.

To copy the text from the image, click Open as text in the upper right corner of the page. This opens the service homepage with the text from the image in the source text block. You can also save that text to Collections. To do this, click .

To view the source image, select Original in the upper left corner. To view the translation, click Translation.

Text isn't recognized

The service can't recognize blurry text, cursive, or handwriting. Try to take a clear photo.