Translating text

How do I use suggestions?

Simply press the Enter key on your keyboard or click the suggestion with your mouse cursor when the suggestion pops up.

Press the Esc key or simply keep typing text to discard the current suggestion.

How do I use the on-screen keyboard?

Click and the on-screen keyboard will appear below the translation fields.

You can use your mouse to click the characters you need.

The on-screen keyboard supports the following languages:

Hill MariPolishFrench
ItalianTatarElvish (Sindarin)

Why are words underlined in red?

Yandex.Translate underlines words in red (in English, Kazakh, Russian, or Ukrainian) if they contain typos or errors.

To replace the underlined word, click on it with your mouse and choose one of the available options.

How do I save my translations to "Favorites"?

Translate your word or text and then click .

Can I increase the limit of my "Favorites"?

The current version of Yandex.Translate does not support this feature. You can submit your feature suggestions for Yandex.Translate via the feedback form.

How do I import my notebook from Yandex.Dictionaries to my "Favorites" in Yandex.Translate?

You can add the last 2000 entries from your Yandex.Dictionaries notebook to your Favorites in Yandex.Translate. First, click and in the window that appears click Import.

Your notes will be imported to Yandex.Translate ungrouped. Use the search feature in Favorites to find the translation you need.

How do I save all my notes from Yandex.Dictionaries?

Click and in the window that appears click Save as CSV to save all your notes from Yandex.Dictionaries to your computer.

Why can't I add words or translations to "Favorites"?

This may be due to a few reasons:

  • You are not signed into Yandex.Translate.

  • The source text or the translation exceeds the maximum allowed limit of 300 characters.
  • The Favorites list is already full (you cannot store more than 100 translations). You can delete old notes from your list and save new ones.

How can I use the Enter key to insert a line break?

By default, to insert a line break in Yandex.Translate, you must press Shift + Enter.

To turn this off and only use the Enter key to insert line breaks, click and uncheck the box next to Press Shift+Enter to insert a line break.

How can I report a problem about a translation?

If you find a problem in the translation of a word or text, click . Enter your suggestion for a translation and then click Send.

If you find a problem with a dictionary entry, first click Report error. Then click the word that is erroneous. If need be, you can leave a comment in the pop-up window that appears, before clicking Report.