Translating text

  1. Switch the language
  2. Translate a word within a phrase
  3. Copy translation
  4. Use suggestions
  5. Use the on-screen keyboard
  6. Use online dictionary
  7. Why are words underlined in red?
  8. View the word transcription
  9. Save translations to Favorites
  10. Sync the Favorites lists
  11. I can't add a word or translation to Favorites
  12. Use the Enter key to insert a line break
  13. Translation problems when using multiple languages in the source text
  14. Increase the Favorites list limit
  15. Report an error in translation

Switch the language

The language of the text is detected as soon as you start typing it in. You will begin to see translations after entering the first word.

To change the source or the target language, click the language and choose the language you need from the list.

To switch the translation direction, click the button.

Translate a word within a phrase

In the source text, select the word you want to translate.

Copy translation

Click . You will see a pop-up message “Translation copied”.

Use suggestions

Start entering the text you want to translate. The app will show suggestions for the current and the following words.
  • Simply press the Enter key on your keyboard or click the suggestion with your mouse cursor when the suggestion pops up.
  • To discard the current suggestion, press the Esc key or simply keep typing text.

Use the on-screen keyboard

You can use the on-screen keyboard to enter text in the language you need (no matter what language is set for your current keyboard). To do this, click . You can use your mouse to click the characters you need.

List of languages available for using the on-screen keyboard
English Latvian Udmurt
Bashkir Lithuanian Uzbek
Belarusian Mari Ukrainian
Hungarian German Finnish
Hill Mari Polish French
Greek Russian Czech
Spanish Tajik Swedish
Italian Tatar Elvish (Sindarin)
Kazakh Turkish Estonian

Use online dictionary

In addition to text translation, Yandex.Translate offers detailed dictionary definitions that include translations grouped by meaning, usage examples, parts of speech, and phonetic transcriptions (for English words).

Available translation pairs
English-Russian Tatar-Russian
English-French Turkish-Russian
English-Italian Norwegian-Russian
English-Turkish Slovak-Russian
English-Spanish Danish-Russian
English-Portuguese Swedish-Russian
English-Greek Greek-Russian
English-Latvian Lithuanian-Russian
English-Latvian Latvian-Russian
English-Estonian Estonian-Russian
English-Finnish Finnish-Russian
German-Russian Dutch-Russian
German-English Portuguese-Russian
German-Turkish Hill Mari-Russian
French-Russian Mari-Russian
Spanish-Russian Dutch-English
Italian-Russian Norwegian-English
Ukrainian-Russian Danish-English
Belarusian-Russian Swedish-English
Bulgarian-Russian Slovak-English
Polish-Russian Czech-English
Hungarian-Russian Ukrainian-English

Dictionary entries are displayed underneath the translation result.

The service also provides synonyms and similar expressions for words and phrases in Russian, English, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Spanish, Italian, German, Lithuanian, French, Finnish and Hungarian.

Why are words underlined in red?

Yandex.Translate underlines words in red if they contain typos or errors (in English, Kazakh, Russian, and Ukrainian).

To replace the underlined word, click on it with your mouse and choose one of the available options.

View the word transcription

In the dictionary entry under the translation result, click the link with the word to get a transcription for.

Save translations to Favorites

Translate a word or text. Click .

Sync the Favorites lists

You can view the words from the Favorites list from any device — computer, smartphone or tablet. To do this, sync the lists across all devices:

  1. Log in to the service and mobile app.
  2. Open the mobile app.
  3. At the bottom of the app screen, tap .
  4. Click .

I can't add a word or translation to Favorites

This may be due to a few reasons:

  • You are not signed into Yandex.Translate.

  • The source text or the translation exceeds the maximum allowed limit of 300 characters.
  • The Favorites list is already full (you can't store more than 100 translations). You can delete old translations from your list and save new ones.

Use the Enter key to insert a line break

By default, to insert a line break in Yandex.Translate, you must press Shift + Enter.

To use the Enter key, click and turn off the option Press Shift+Enter to insert a line break.

Translation problems when using multiple languages in the source text

Click the name of the language in the block with the source text and uncheck the Auto detect box.

Increase the Favorites list limit

The current version of Yandex.Translate does not support this feature.

Report an error in translation

If you find an error in the translation of a word or text, click . Enter your suggestion for a translation and then click Send.

If you find a problem with a dictionary entry, first click Report error. Then click the word that is erroneous. If need be, you can leave a comment in the pop-up window that appears, before clicking Report.