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In addition to text translation, Yandex.Translate provides detailed dictionary entries with translations of individual words, phonetic transcription, and usage examples.

Dictionary entries are displayed under the translation. The service also provides the following:
  • Synonyms and similar expressions for words and phrases in Russian, English, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Spanish, Italian, German, Lithuanian, French, Finnish, and Hungarian.
  • Plural forms of German nouns.
  • irregular verb forms in English.
Available translation pairs
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English-French Turkish-Russian
English-Italian Norwegian-Russian
English-Turkish Slovak-Russian
English-Spanish Danish-Russian
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English-Lithuanian Latvian-Russian
English-Estonian Estonian-Russian
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German-Turkish Hill Mari-Russian
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A transcription is displayed only for translations from English to Russian and Ukrainian. To view the transcription when translating to English, click the link to the word in the dictionary entry under the translation.

Related words

To the left of the dictionary entry, you can see words related to the one you've been looking up: synonyms, antonyms, and cognates. Click on a word to see its translation.

Usage examples

Dictionary entries contain examples of how words are used. To view them, click Show examples at the top of the dictionary entry.

Examples from literature and movies are also given under the entry.

Sources for dictionary entries and examples

  • Udmurt-Russian dictionary © Udmurt Institute for History, Language and Literature, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2008.

  • Mari language Dictionary = Marii muter © Mari Scientific and Research Institute of Language, Literature, and History., 1990-2005;

  • Wiktionary, the free multilingual dictionary;

  • Open-source parallel corpus OPUS (Jörg Tiedemann, 2012, Parallel Data, Tools and Interfaces in OPUS).

Error in a dictionary description

If you've found a mistake in the dictionary:
  1. To the right of the article, click Report error.
  2. Select the translation that contains an error. You can enter a comment in the pop-up window.
  3. Click the Report button.

Error in the example provided in the dictionary

To report an incorrect usage example in a dictionary description, hold the cursor over it and click the button to the right.