Translating text

    Use Yandex.Translate to translate individual words and expressions, as well as text from websites and mobile apps.

    Enter a word or phrase you want to translate into the text field. There are several ways to enter text:
    Using a keyboard
    You can enter characters using your computer keyboard or mobile device. As soon as you start typing, the service detects the language and suggests words. The translation appears as soon as you enter the first word.
    Voice input
    Note. This feature is available for English, Russian, Ukrainian, and Turkish.
    To enable voice input, press . You need to select your language manually before using voice input.
    Note. Text-to-speech is available for English, Russian, Ukrainian, and Turkish. The full list of supported languages depends on your browser type and operating system. You cannot change the text-to-speech speed or the speaker's voice.


    List of supported browsers

    Yandex.Translate works correctly in the following browsers:

    Browser name Version
    Yandex 16.7 and later
    Internet Explorer 11.0 and later
    Microsoft Edge 25.0 and later
    Opera 36.0 and later
    Safari 11.0 and later
    Mozilla Firefox 47.0 and later
    Google Chrome 49.0 and later
    I can't add a word or translation to my Favorites or collections
    Possible reasons:
    • You aren't logged into Yandex.Translate. Press  → Log in in the upper-right corner and select an account.
    • The source text or the translation exceeds the maximum allowed limit of 300 characters.
    • The number of words in your collection exceeds the allowed maximum amount. Each collection can hold up to 2500 translations. Delete old translations and save new ones.
    Incorrect translation if the text contains words in different languages

    Select the name of the language in the source text block and deselect Detect automatically.

    Error in the translation of the text and individual words
    If you have found an error in the translation of a text or word:
    1. To the right of the entry, press .
    2. Select the incorrect fragment. You can enter a comment in the pop-up window.
    3. Press the Report button.
    Voice input doesn't work

    It's possible that voice input is blocked by your browser, or doesn't support the translation language you want to use.

    To unblock voice input, you need to:

    1. Press .
    2. Press Next. In the pop-up window, allow the browser to access the microphone for the website.
    Text-to-speech doesn't work

    If you have problems with text-to-speech, make sure that:

    • Text-to-speech is supported for the selected language (depending on the type of browser and operating system).
    • The sound isn't muted on your computer.
    • The text you entered doesn't exceed 100 or 300 words (depending on the type of browser and operating system).
    • Yandex.Translate supports the current version of your browser.