Mobile Translate

Translating text and websites

How can I translate a website?

Enter the address of the website you want to translate in the text entry field. Then tap Translate site.

Choose the target language if needed.

How to translate websites in Safari
To translate websites in Safari, you must install the Yandex Translate extension:
  1. Launch Safari and open a webpage.
  2. Click .
  3. In the menu that appears, tap More in the bottom row and then choose Translate from the list. Tap Done to finish.

To translate a webpage, tap and select Translate.

The language of the page will be detected automatically and translated into the language you have selected in your iOS settings.

How can I copy a translation?

Tap on the translation. You should see the pop-up message “Translation copied”.

How can I delete entered text with one gesture?

Delete text by swiping to the left in the text field.

How can I bring back text that I previously typed in?

Swipe to the right in the text field to bring back text you typed in previously.

You can also find translations of previous texts in your History.

How can I translate text in third-party applications?


Translation in third-party applications is only available on mobile devices running Android 6.0 and higher.

Yandex Translate can only be used in third-party apps if the developer granted other applications the right to read and change text.

Yandex Translate can translate words, texts, and whole sites, as well as text you want to understand in other applications on your device.

Highlight the text you wish to translate in your third party app, and choose Yandex Translate in the context menu that appears.

How can I switch automatic language detection on and off?

Go to Settings and toggle the Detect language option on or off.

How can I type in another language (such as Tatar)?

You can set up the keyboards you need in your mobile device's settings.

If the keyboard you need cannot be found in the settings, you can try downloading it from the AppStore or Google Play.

How can I view translations in full screen mode?

To view translated text in full screen mode, tap .

How can I see my translation history?

At the bottom of the app screen, tap .

In the top right corner of the screen, tap and select History.

If is missing, click the menu button on your smartphone. Choose Settings from the list and enable the appropriate options.

How can I report a problem about a translation?

If you encounter a problem while translating a word or text in the app, you can contact the developers using the feedback form below.