Dialog mode

Note. Dialog mode is available online on Android devices.

Dialog mode lets you communicate with users who speak another language. It's available for Russian, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Turkish, and French.

Tips for using the dialog mode:
  • Show the welcome screen to the person you're going to talk to and tell them how to use dialog mode.
  • Tap the flag icon of the language you're going to use before each phrase.
  • Speak using the language that corresponds to the flag icon you selected.
  • Use short phrases.
  • Speak loudly and in a steady voice, don't make long pauses.
  • Hold the microphone close to the sound source.
  • 1 — Your phrase
  • 2 — The other user's phrase
  • 3 — The language you selected and its flag icon
  • 4 — The language the other user selected and its flag icon
To communicate in dialog mode, do the following:
  1. Start a dialog.
    Tap at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Configure access permissions.

    When launching dialog mode for the first time, you'll see the buttons Allow microphone access and Allow speech recognition on the welcome screen. Tap any of them to open app settings and then enable the Microphone and Speech recognition. If the buttons don't appear at first launch, it means you've already allowed the app to access your mic and perform speech recognition.

  3. Select the languages you and the other user will be communicating in.

    To change your language, tap the language's name or the icon under it and choose your language.

  4. To start the dialog, tap the flag icon of the language you're going to use, and speak. You will see the translation for what you're saying displayed on the screen.

    The recording will stop automatically. To stop recording your speech manually, tap the flag icon again.

    Phrases in your native tongue are displayed in a smaller font, while phrases in the target language are displayed in a larger font. To swap languages, tap on the language selection screen.

Here is what you can do with your phrases:
Feature Actions
Use text-to-speech Tap next to the phrase you want to hear. The recording of the phrase will stop playing automatically. To stop it manually, tap the icon again.
Change the original phrase

Swipe the phrase to the left and tap Edit.

Delete a phrase Swipe the phrase to the left and tap Delete.
Delete dialog Tap in the upper right corner and choose Clear history. Your dialog will be permanently deleted.