Create collections, save translations there, and use them to learn words in foreign languages. You can share your collections with other users or subscribe to their public collections yourself.

To view all available collections, tap at the top of the screen.

  1. Save translation to collection
  2. Create collection
  3. Subscribe to collection
  4. Learn words
  5. Troubleshooting
Note. To work with collections and sync them between your devices, log in to your Yandex account in the app settings.

Save translation to collection

Any words and expressions you translate in the app are saved to the History collection. If you tap in the translation window, the translation is automatically added to the Favorites collection.

To save the translation to another collection, tap Change at the bottom of the screen. Select the desired collection or create a new one.

Create collection

You can create a collection at any time, not just when saving a translation. To create a collection:
  1. In the collections menu, tap .
  2. Name the collection.
  3. Make the collection public if you want it to be available to all users. You can share this kind of collection.
  4. Tap Create collection.

You can copy and edit the collections you created. To sync your collections on all your devices, log in to Yandex.Translate.

Subscribe to collection

You can subscribe to thematic collections created by the Yandex.Translate team and other users:
  1. In the collections menu, find Popular collections.
  2. Select the desired collection.
  3. Tap Subscribe.

Learn words

You can use the service to memorize words in a foreign language:
  1. In the collections menu, open your own collection, the Favorites collection, or any collection you subscribed to.
  2. Tap Learn words.
  3. Flip through the word cards, memorize the words, and keep track of your progress.


I can't add a word or translation to Favorites
Possible reasons:
  • You are not logged into Yandex.Translate. Tap  → Log in in the upper-right corner and select an account.
  • The source text or the translation exceeds the maximum allowed limit of 300 characters.
  • The number of words in your collection exceeds the allowed maximum amount. Each collection can hold up to 2500 translations. You can delete old translations from your list and save new ones.
I don't see my collections and subscriptions
You are not logged into Yandex.Translate. Tap  → Log in in the upper-right corner and select an account.