Translating text

Use Yandex Translate to translate individual words and expressions, as well as text from websites and mobile apps.

  1. Quick translate
  2. Input methods
  3. Troubleshooting

Quick translate

You can use the Quick translate feature for translations in third-party apps. It is only available on mobile devices running on Android 6.0-9.0. You can use it if the app developer gave other apps permission to read and edit text .

To translate text in a third-party app, select it and choose Yandex Translate in the drop-down menu.

For users with Android 10.0 and higher
Method 1

Click and enable the Quick translate option in the upper right corner. If the option is enabled, the Yandex Translate icon will be displayed on the notification bar.

Copy the desired text and click the notification: the translation window will then open automatically.

Method 2

In a third-party app, select a text in a language other than the system language , and select Translate in the context menu. A window with the translation will appear.

In messengers, you can use this feature to translate text from the input field, but not incoming messages.

Input methods

Enter a word or phrase you want to translate into the text field. There are several ways to enter text:
Using a keyboard
Add keyboards for the necessary languages in your device settings. If you can't find the right keyboard in the settings, download one from Google Play or the . As soon as you start typing, the service detects the language and suggests words. The translation appears as soon as you enter the first word.
Voice input
Note. This feature is available online for English, Russian, Ukrainian, and Turkish.

To enable voice input, tap . You need to select your language manually before using voice input.

The list of languages supported on Android devices varies depending on the OS version. You can check in your device settings (Settings → Voice input).

To delete the input text, swipe left in the text field or tap the cross to the right of the source text.

To return to your previous translation, swipe right in the text field. You can view all your translations in the History collection.

  • 1 — Copy the translation. Tap on the translation text. You should see the pop-up message Translation copied.
  • 2 — Text-to-speech. To change the speed of your text-to-speech, tap again.
  • 3 — Save the translation. The text is automatically added to the Favorites collection.


Incorrect translation if the text contains words in different languages
Select the language in the source block and disable the Detect language option.
Text-to-speech doesn't work
  • It's possible you don't have the necessary translation files installed. Check the list of languages in the device settings (Language and input → Text-to-speech) and install the translation files you need.

  • It's possible that the text you entered consists of spaces, punctuation marks, links, or email addresses. To make sure that text-to-speech works, enter words, numbers, or letters.
Voice input doesn't work

It's possible you don't have the necessary translation files installed.

Check the list of languages in the device settings (Settings → Voice input) and install the translation files you need.

The microphone button is missing

It's possible that the text-to-speech feature (the  icon) and voice input (the  icon) don't support the source language. Please check your selected input language.