Completing a task

    1. Choose a task on the main page of Toloka.

    2. Read the instructions carefully to avoid mistakes. If you make too many mistakes, you might lose access to the tasks.

    3. Click the Start button.

    4. Answer the questions and click Submit.

      You will be redirected to a page with the next task. Complete it or return to the list of tasks (the Exit button).


    For certain tasks, you must pass unpaid training before completing them.

    Questions and answers

    How do I choose a task?

    The list of tasks shows the tasks available to you at the moment. Each of them has a short description and price. Choose a task and complete it.

    I want to take a certain type of task, but it is not in the list anymore

    While these tasks are absent, you can take other ones. The desired tasks may appear again later.

    Can I complete tasks in a foreign language?

    Yes, if you are fluent enough in it.

    What should I do if I received a task that I do not want to complete?

    If you don't want to complete a task from the list, don't start doing it. If you started a task, but you can't or don't want to complete the page that opens, go to the next one (use the Skip button). Only fully completed tasks are paid for.

    If you no longer want to complete this task, use the Exit button.

    How do I stop task completion correctly if I decided to take a break?

    Click the Exit button.

    If you answered all the questions on the page, click the Send button. When a new page loads, click Exit.