The money is transferred to your Toloka account after a task is completed and reviewed by the requestor (if the review is required). You can withdraw the money to your Yandex.Money, PayPal or Skrill account, or to a “PrivatBank” card (only for users from Ukraine).

Transfer commission

The operators charge commission for money transfers:

  • Yandex.Money — 0,1% of amount.

  • PayPal — 2% of amount, but not more than $7.

  • Skrill — 1% of amount, plus Skrill commission for currency conversion (if your account is not in dollars).

  • “PrivatBank” — commission is not taken, the money is converted at the bank rate.

Requirements for the Yandex.Money account

You can transfer money only to the identified account. Otherwise, Yandex.Money will cancel the transaction. The money will return to your Toloka account.

Requirements for the Paypal account

Make sure that your PayPal account is:

  • Private.

    If you are using a business account, PayPal will cancel the transaction. The money will return to your Toloka account.

  • Verified.

    To pass the account verification, follow the steps on the PayPal website.

  • Registered in a country where PayPal allows to transfer money to. PayPal restricts money transfers to a number of countries, including Belarus and Ukraine.

The email address set up on PayPal has to be confirmed. To confirm your email address, follow the steps on the PayPal website.

Money withdrawal

To withdraw money from your Toloka account, go to the profile page (My money tab).

  1. Link a Yandex.Money, PayPal or Skrill account or a “Privatbank” card to your account in Toloka. You can add only one account of each type.

  2. Send a fund withdrawal request (the Withdraw money button).

You can check the operation status in the Transaction history block.

Questions and answers

How long does the money withdrawal take?

The money withdrawal can take up to 30 days (from sending a request to the arrival of funds to the account).

How much money can I withdraw at once?

The minimum amount depends on how often you withdraw the money:

  • once a week or less often — $0,02;

  • more than once a week — $1.

Can I link several accounts in Toloka to my account in Yandex.Money, Paypal or “PrivatBank” card?

No. According to the User Agreement, you can have only one account in Toloka.

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