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Read the forum rules.

Go to the forum and open the requester section to:
  • Find the answer to your question about the task.
  • Ask the requester a question.
  • Leave feedback about the task.

If you have a blank page instead of forum, you are blocked for violating the rules. Contact the support service to find out why it happened and how to remove the ban.


In Messages you receive:
  • Notifications about transactions on your account.
  • News and service notifications.
  • Messages from the requester about training completion, skill assignment, new tasks and bonuses.

Write to the requester:

  • If a task doesn't work correctly (it shows a blank screen, doesn't display images, the Next button doesn't work, and so on).
  • To ask about the instructions, training or the skill level.
Note. Questions about funds withdrawal, rating and task availability should be sent to the support service.
To write to the requester:
  1. Open the Messages page.
  2. Click the Write button and select the recipient.
  3. Enter the task name in the subject.
  4. Write a message and click Send.