About Yandex.Toloka

Yandex.Toloka is a service where you can complete tasks to earn money.

Complete tasks in the web version or using the mobile app for Android and iOS.

Withdraw funds

Retrieve my username
In the web version of Toloka, your username is shown in the upper-right corner, next to the avatar. If your name or nickname is displayed next to the avatar, click on the avatar. The username will be shown in the window that opens.

I can't log in to the Toloka mobile app because I don't know my username.


Rating represents your activity in Toloka. The evaluation is based on all the tasks you have completed.

Rating is based on two indicators:
  • The quality of responses. If you perform tasks carefully and follow the instructions, your rating improves.

  • User activity. If you perform tasks on a regular basis your rating improves.

The rating is calculated as the weighted average value for the last few weeks. So the rating can "suddenly" decrease or increase.


The requester checks your responses and rates your skill in performing this type of task. Skills are rated on a scale of 0 to 100 points.

Requesters can set the price depending on the skill level. The higher your skill, the more money you will get for the task.

If you have questions about skill changing, ask the requester.
Completing a task

If you have questions about tasks, you can discuss them in the forum or contact the requester.

Task review
Some tasks undergo a review. The maximum and average review period is specified in the task information.

The requester can reject a task if it isn't completed according to the instructions. Rejected tasks are not paid for.

If your task is rejected, you can't complete it again. You can challenge the review result.


Read the User Agreement.