Block for displaying text in Markdown.

The contents of the block are written to the content property in a single line. To insert line breaks, use \n. Straight quotation marks (") must be escaped like this: ".

Examples of Markdown syntax:

# Level 1 header
## Level 2 header (and so on to level 6)


* Italics*

~~Crossed out text~~

+ Bulleted list
  + List sublevels are separated by two additional spaces
- The list can start with any of these characters: + - *

1. Numbered list
2. The second item in the list

[Text with link] (

![Image] (

You can find documentation for the basic Markdown syntax in this article.

View example in sandbox.

Note that the view.markdown component is resource-intensive and might overload weak user devices. Do not use this component to display plain text. If you need to display text without formatting, use the view.text component. If you need to insert a link, use, and for an image use view.image.

Links with Markdown are appended with target="_blank" (the link opens in a new tab), as well as rel="noopener noreferrer".

Component properties


Set component type


Label above the component.


Text in Markdown.


Hint text.


Validation based on condition.