List of data entry elements

Use the components named field.* as the data entry fields, such as a text box or dropdown list. Be sure to specify where to save the data from such elements.

  • field.button-radio. A component in the form of a button.

  • field.button-radio-group. A component with buttons that allow the user to choose between the specified values.

  • field.checkbox. Checkbox.

  • field.checkbox-group. A group of options for selecting one or more responses.

  • A component for entering the date and time in the desired format and range.

  • Creates a field for entering an email address.

  • field.file. This component can be used for uploading files. It's displayed in the interface as an upload button.

  • field.image-annotation. Adds an interface for selecting areas in images.

  • field.list. A component that allows the user to add and remove list items, such as text fields to fill in. This way you can allow the user to give multiple answers to a question.

  • Adds buttons for different types of uploads: uploading photos or videos, selecting files from the file manager or choosing from the gallery.

  • field.number. A component that allows you to enter a number.

  • Creates a field for entering a phone number.

  • A component for selecting one value out of several options. It is designed as a group of circles arranged vertically.

  • Button for selecting from a drop-down list. Use this component when the list is long and only one option can be chosen.

  • field.text. A component that allows entering a single line of text.

  • field.textarea. Box for entering multi-line text.