Show hints

Use hints to tell important information to the performers, help them resolve issues and fill out fields correctly, and alert them when they attempt certain actions. Template Builder provides auxiliary components for different needs.

Add fixed alerts at the top of the screen

To keep performers aware of important information, add fixed alerts above the tasks: this is the text at the top of the screen that never disappears when users navigate between the task pages.

For example, such messages can be helpful when the requester edits the instructions and wants to keep the users updated.

Use the plugin.toloka plugin to add fixed alerts. To add one or more messages, specify them in the notifications property.

View example in the sandbox.

Specify the causes for validation errors

To help users resolve issues that cause errors, give more specific causes for validation errors. For this purpose, you can add the hint property to any condition.

View example in the sandbox.

Show notifications

You can use notifications to inform your users. Notifications are displayed in the lower-left corner of the screen. You can set the color and time parameters for notifications.

To show notifications when users click a button, add the view.action-button element to the template and set the action property to action.notify.

View example in the sandbox.