How to post tasks

To post a task on Toloka, you need to create a project with task pools. Then start a task pool to make it available to performers. When the assignments are completed, you can analyze the results.

Note. Before posting a task, register in Toloka as a requester.
There are several ways to start a new project:
  • See examples of solutions for popular tasks. Perhaps a sample is already available for your task type and you'll just need to adjust the instructions and add your own tasks.
  • See the list of templates. It's easier to create a project using a template and customize it for your task than to create a project from scratch.
  • Contact our partners for help. If you're creating a project for the first time or your project is very complex, entrust the work or part of it to professionals. This will save you time and may be cheaper than completely creating a project yourself.

    By the way, you can also become our partner and help others start their projects.

  • Create a project yourself. You can create a project directly in the production version or in the sandbox. You can use the sandbox to test your project and make sure that everything works properly. After that, you can move it from the sandbox to the production version.