Toloka use cases

In Toloka, you can create various tasks and send them out for completion. Common cases:

  • Object classification is a multiple choice task. Examples are moderating content or grouping images by category.
  • Survey — Set the requirements for the responders and study public opinion.
  • Audio transcription — The performer receives an audio recording and has to type the text they hear. Checking such tasks can be assigned to other performers as a classification task.
  • Image area selection — The performer receives a photo and has to select one or more images on it. These tasks are easier to run in the web version.
  • Field survey is a task in which the performer chooses a point on the map to go to, checks something there, and takes a photo. Field surveys are completed in the Toloka mobile app for Android and iOS.
  • Voice recording — The performer receives a phrase or text fragment to record and has to attach the audio file as the response. These tasks are easier to run in the mobile app for Android and iOS.