Tutorials for popular tasks

  1. Before you start
  2. List of examples

Using tutorials, you'll learn how to post tasks in Yandex.Toloka. Choose the tutorial that is most similar to your task.

Before you start

Make sure you're registered as a requester. We recommend that you go through tutorials in the sandbox.

List of examples

  • Images
  • Audio and video
    • Transcribing audio recordings — The performer receives an audio recording and has to type the text they hear. Checking such tasks can be assigned to other performers as a classification task.
    • Voice recording — The performer receives a phrase or text fragment to record and has to attach the audio file as a response. These tasks are easier to run in the mobile app for Android and iOS.
    • Video classification (rate videos) — A task with multiple choice. For example, moderation of content, evaluation of video for noise and defects, or video classification by specified categories.
  • Data collection
    • Online survey — Set requirements for the responders you want to use and take a poll.
    • Find similar products — Type of task to searching for and process relevant data. For example, find similar shoes in an online store or determine which of the found objects is more similar to the original one.
  • Walking (field) tasks

If you didn't find a suitable example, use general instructions for launching and setting up projects.

You can contact us or our partners if you need help with your project overall or with individual steps like editing tasks.

See the list of open labeled datasets on the Yandex.Toloka site. You might find that the data you need is already collected.

Learn more about how to set up pricing and see examples of cost for different types of tasks.