img Expression to add an image.
src Attribute for an image link.
image The input data field name.
width Width in percent or pixels.
height Height in percent or pixels.
radio Expression to add radio buttons.
name Attribute for the output data field.
result The output data field name.
value Response choice. It is recorded as the result of the task.
label Label that performers will see.
hotkey Keyboard shortcut.
checkbox A component for inserting a checkbox.
br Standard HTML tag for a line break.
like The output data field name.
file-img Button to upload photos
camera To access the device's camera.
preview Show thumbnail after loading.
validation-show Position of popup hints.
audio Component for inserting a button that opens a voice recorder.
image-annotation Component for embedding the editor to highlight an image area.
proxy Expression for a link to an image stored on Yandex.Disk.
input Component for inserting a string input field.
placeholder Text in the input field that the performer will see.
select Component for inserting a drop-down list.
text List entry name.
textarea Component for inserting a text input field.
rows The text input field height (number of rows).
audio2 HTML tag to insert an audio recording in the player.
scr2 File link attribute.
proxy-audio An expression for a link to an audio file stored on Yandex.Disk.
controls Attribute for displaying controls in the player.
controlslist Attribute for the list of controls.
nodownload Hide the audio download button.
overlap The number of performers to complete a pool task.