Adding a training pool

A training pool is a set of unpaid tasks for training performers.

Training tasks contain correct responses and hints. If a performer responds incorrectly, a hint is displayed on the screen. The performer must enter the correct response before continuing to the next task.

To allow the performer to access the main tasks only after completing training, link the training pool to the main one.

When you create the first training pool, a skill with the name <project name> - training is created automatically. The value of this skill for performers is determined by the percentage of correct responses in tasks from all training pools of the project.

The skill is deleted after a period specified in days in the Retry after field, if the performer:
  • Has a skill value lower than the one specified in the Level required field.
  • Didn't complete any tasks linked to training during this period.

Creating a training pool

To run a pool with training tasks:

  1. Open the project page, go to the Training tab and click Add training.

    Fill in the fields:




    Instructions for the training tasks.

    By default, the project instructions are displayed. To write separate instructions for training, deselect the Use project instructions box.

    Training title

    Name of the training pool (not visible to the performer).

    Adult content

    Whether the training tasks have porn content.

    Time on task

    The time allowed for completing a task page, in seconds.

    Retry after

    The number of days after which the performer can repeat the training again.

    To allow the performer to repeat the training, fill in the field:

    • If a performer failed to pass the training they will regain access to it after the entered number of days.

    • If the performer does not complete main tasks during the specified period, they will have to pass the training again to get access to the main pool.

    Issue in task uploading order If this option is enabled, tasks are assigned to the user in the order they are listed in the TSV file.
    Shuffle on page If this option is enabled, tasks on the page are shown to the performer in random order.
    Complete passing

    If this option is enabled, the performer must complete all the tasks in this pool to pass the training.

    You can load more training tasks than required for passing the training and specify the number of pages required for setting the skill and accessing the main tasks.
    Required for passing The number of task pages the performer must complete to pass the training.
  2. Click Create training.

  3. Create a TSV file with training tasks. Include the fields with hints and correct responses in it:

    • GOLDEN: <field ID in the output data>. Correct responses.

    • HINT:text. Hint text.


    The GOLDEN and HINT prefixes must be upper-case.

  4. Click Upload on the training pool page. Specify the number of training tasks per page and select the TSV file. The training pool must not contain main tasks or control tasks.

  5. To check the correct responses and suggestions, click Edit in the Pool tasks block.

  6. Start the training with the main pool.
  7. To view the training statistics, go to the Skills page and choose a skill with the name <project name> - training.