Training tasks

To train users completing your tasks, create a training pool.

Training tasks contain correct responses and hints. If a user responds incorrectly, a hint is displayed on the screen. The user must enter the correct response before continuing to the next task.

You can also provide access to the main tasks only for users who gave correct responses in the training pool. For this, link the created training pool to the main one.

Creating a training pool

To run a pool with training tasks:

  1. Click Add Pool → Add Training on the project page. Fill in the fields:




    You can use the project guidelines or change them for the training purposes.

    Training title

    Name of the training pool (only visible to the requester).

    Price per task

    Payment per task suite in U.S. dollars. For cents, use the dot (".") as the separator.

    Adult content

    Whether the training tasks have porn content.

    Time on task

    The time allowed for completing a task suite, in seconds.

    Retry after

    You can let users pass the training repeatedly. Enter the number of days to repeat the training:

    • In a user failed the training he will regain access to it after the entered number of days.

    • If a user does not complete main tasks during the period, he will have to pass the training again to get access to the main pool.

  2. Click Create training. You will be redirected to the training pool page.

  3. Create a TSV file with training tasks. Include the fields with hints and correct responses into it:

    • GOLDEN:<field ID in the input data description>. Correct responses (they must correspond to the values in allowedValues in the output specification).

    • HINT:text. Hint text.


    The “GOLDEN” and “HINT” prefixes must be upper-case.

    Note. You can add hints in task editing mode (step 5).
  4. Click Upload on the training pool page. Specify the number of training tasks on page and select the TSV file.

  5. If you haven't added hints and answers in the TSV file, enter them in task editing mode. Click the Edit button in the Pool tasks section.

When a training pool is created, a new skill is created automatically. The skill is used to count the percentage of correct answers. Information about the skill is on the Users' skills page. Skill name:<project name> - training.