Test task for certification

  1. Test task rating criteria

After applying for certification, a confirmation of participation will be sent to the email address that you specified in the application form. You'll also find two TSV files attached: a list of products (100 items) and a list of store addresses and coordinates (1000 items).

To perform a test task:

  1. Log in to your requester account. Use the username that you previously specified when applying for certification.
  2. Run several projects. Use data from the TSV files.
  3. As responses, you'll receive at least 30 unique photos with selected price tags and product cost text values.
    Example of a product photo with a selected price tag
  4. Send the task results in a reply to partners-toloka@yandex-team.ru. Attach a TSV file.
  5. Provide access to your data:
Requirements for the TSV file with task results

The TSV file must contain links to product photos, coordinates of product price tags, and product prices.

Sample TSV file
Rules for completing the test task
  • Complete the task within 48 hours. The countdown begins when your application form is confirmed and the source data is sent to you.
  • To process and store photos from task performers, you can use your Yandex.Disk account that is linked to your Yandex.Toloka account.
  • Test task costs (including the cost of completed tasks in Yandex.Toloka, a commission fee, and rewards to performers) are refunded: requesters are exempt from paying the fee for using Yandex.Toloka for the next 6 months from the date of certificate receipt until the amount of the fee that the requester is exempt from becomes equal to the amount spent on the test task completion.

    The maximum refund amount is USD 20. The refund of expenses is only intended for those requesters who successfully pass certification.

  • Decompose the test task through crowdsourcing.
  • To review tasks, ask other performers to evaluate whether the results received are correct or process the response data using a script.
  • Select performers using the Training — exam — retry cycle.
  • Communicate with performers in a respectful and constructive way.
  • Write simple and clear instructions.

Test task rating criteria

  1. Tasks are rated based on their compliance with the requirements for tasks and recommendations.
  2. The data must be collected in the volume required (at least 30 unique photos) and processed properly: the price tags on the photos are highlighted as accurately as possible and the specified price corresponds to the actual one.
  3. A project's technical implementation in Yandex.Toloka is rated: the convenience of the template, validation, and absence of technical errors.
  4. It's important that the task is completed within 48 hours.
  5. The cost of receiving and processing a single photo must be low enough.