Uploading tasks to a pool

To upload a TSV file with tasks to a pool:
  1. On the pool page, click Upload.
  2. Choose how tasks are placed on the page. Set the number of tasks on the page depending on the complexity and time allocated for a task. The performers are paid for completing a full task page. The amount they get is specified in the pool settings.

    By empty row

    Divide the tasks into pages yourself in the TSV file. To do this, add an empty row after each task set in the file.

    Set manually
    Enter the number of tasks per page. Task suites will be formed from the tasks in the order they are placed in the TSV file.
    Smart mixing

    Specify how many tasks of each type should be on the page. For example: 9 main tasks and 1 control task. If necessary, specify the minimum number of tasks for each type in additional settings. If there aren't enough tasks of any type, the performer is given an incomplete page.

    After uploading the tasks with “smart mixing” you will be able to edit them and set selective majority vote checking.

    Attention. If you uploaded the file with “smart mixing”, you won't be able to use other upload methods in this pool.
  3. Click the Upload file button and choose the file. To put different types of tasks in a pool, you can upload them in separate files.
  4. Wait for the result. If you get a processing error, it means that the TSV file is not formatted correctly. Click the Cancel button and correct the mistakes, then upload the file again.
  5. Click the Add button.

  6. View the result by clicking the Preview button.

To delete all the tasks in the pool, click Delete.


If the column headings are incorrect, the whole file is rejected. Otherwise, Toloka specifies the number of tasks with processing errors.

To view the processing log, click More on uploading errors. The processing log is written in JSON format. Objects inside result match the line number of the uploaded file. Lines that were processed with an error have the status "success": false.
Tip. To work with a large log conveniently, copy it to the text editor.

Common mistakes:

The number of fields in the header and in the row does not match.
"exception_msg": "the nameMapping array and the sourceList should be the same size (nameMapping length = 4, sourceList size = 6)"

Make sure that:

  • The number of tabs in the file structure is correct.
  • String values with tab characters are enclosed in quotation marks " ".
The value for a required input field is not specified.
"code": "VALUE_REQUIRED", "message": "Value must be present and not equal to null"

Make sure that columns with required input data fields are filled.

Invalid data in the URL field.
"code": "INVALID_URL_SYNTAX", "message": "Value must be in valid url format"

Make sure that:

The string includes unpaired quotation mark.
"exception_msg": "unexpected end of file while reading quoted column beginning on line 2 and ending on line 4"

Check that all quotation marks are escaped.