Skipped assignments

Restrict access to the pool tasks to performers who skip several task pages in a row.

Rule settings




A condition for performing the action in the then field:
  • assignments skipped in a row — The number of task pages skipped in a row.


Action to perform for the condition:

  • set skill — Assign a skill constant value.

  • Pause — Suspend the performer's access to the pool for the specified number of days. The ban reason is shown only to the requester.

  • Ban — Block access to the project or all of the requester's projects for the specified number of days. The reason for banning is only shown to the requester.

    If access to tasks is blocked temporarily (for example, for 7 days), the history of the performer's responses is not saved after the ban is lifted. The skill value is calculated based on the new responses.

Example rule

Suspending performer's access to the pool for skipping tasks

The performer who skips 2 task pages in a row is restricted in accessing the pool and can't complete your tasks for 5 days.