The sandbox is Toloka's testing environment. Log in as a requester to:

How to complete tasks

To complete your tasks in the sandbox:

  1. Register in the sandbox as a performer (see the instructions in the user documentation).
    Attention. Authorization via social networks is not allowed, so you need to register a new user in Yandex.
  2. Log in to the sandbox using the requester's credentials.

  3. Open the Users page and click Add trusted users.

  4. Click Add user and enter the case-sensitive login name of the created performer.

    Only trusted users can access your tasks.

  5. Check the tasks in the sandbox with the username of a trusted user. Make sure that the buttons and response validation are set up correctly, and assess how long it takes to complete the tasks. Make sure that the performer selection and quality control work.

How to move a task to the main version of Toloka

To move tasks from the sandbox to the main version:

  1. Link the sandbox and main version usernames:

    1. Open the External services Integration tab in the main version on the profile page and copy the OAuth token.

    2. Open the same tab in the sandbox on the profile page and paste the copied token into the Production OAuth token field.

  2. Go to the project page in the sandbox and click Project actions → Export.

  3. Choose the pools to export and click Export.

    When you choose a pool with main tasks, the training linked to it is exported automatically.