Getting responses

You can download users' responses on the pool page as tasks are completed.

Fields in the TSV file with responses:

  • INPUT:<object ID in the input data description> — Input data for tasks.

  • OUTPUT:<field ID in the output data description> — Responses from users.

  • GOLDEN:<field ID in the output data description> — Responses for control tasks.

  • HINT:text — hints for training taks.

  • Information about a completed task:

    • ASSIGNMENT:link — Link for viewing the task.

    • ASSIGNMENT:assignment_id — ID of the assigned task.

    • ASSIGNMENT:worker_id — ID of the user who completed the task.

    • ASSIGNMENT:started — Date and time the task was assigned.

    • ASSIGNMENT:status — Task status (“SUBMITTED” — completed, “APPROVED” — accepted, “REJECTED” — declined).

Sample TSV file:

Getting files

If the users were asked to upload files, TSV file with responses will contain IDs of the files received from users. You can download the files to your computer using Toloka API.