Receiving responses

You can download performers' responses in a TSV file as tasks are completed.

If tasks were distributed with an overlap of more than 2, run aggregation. Yandex.Toloka will process all performers' responses for the task and form the resulting response.

  1. Getting the TSV file with responses
  2. Getting files
  3. Troubleshooting

Getting the TSV file with responses

To get a TSV file with performers' responses, click the Download results button on the pool page.

Fields in the TSV file with responses
  • INPUT:<name of the input data field> — Input data for tasks.

  • OUTPUT:<name of the output data field> — The performers' responses. For training tasks, the field includes first attempted answers.

  • GOLDEN:<name of the output data field> — Responses for control tasks.

  • HINT:text — Hints for training tasks.

  • Information about the task completion (the same for all tasks on the page):

    • ASSIGNMENT:link — Link for viewing the task page.

    • ASSIGNMENT:assignment_id — ID of the assigned task page.

    • ASSIGNMENT:worker_id — ID of the performer who completed the task.

    • ASSIGNMENT:started — Date and time the task page was assigned.

    • ASSIGNMENT:status — Task status: SUBMITTED — completed, APPROVED — accepted, REJECTED — declined.

Sample TSV file

Getting files

If the performers were asked to upload files, the TSV file with responses will contain IDs of the files received from performers. To download files on your computer, click the Download results → Download attachments button on the pool page.


Can I ask a performer to redo the task if they made mistakes in it?

No. After sending a task, the performer can&apos;t make any changes to it. You can add tasks that were completed incorrectly to a new pool.

Can I fix something in a completed task myself?

No, you can&apos;t fix anything in the task itself. However, you can do this manually in the results file.