Creating a project and a pool

I created a project and a pool, but for some reason the Next button doesn't work or the preview shows a blank screen.

Toloka lets you know that something is wrong with the project. The blank screen often appears when there are errors in the task interface, including the JavaScript code. The Next button may be disabled if the output specification lacks some field or contains invalid values, or if, for example, you configured validation for a nonexistent field in JavaScript.

Why don't I see my task in the sandbox?

Make sure that:

  1. The pool is started.
  2. Your performer is added as a trusted user on the Users page.
  3. Your performer fits the filters you set.

Learn more about working in the sandbox.

Why can't I see images from Yandex.Disk?

To display files from Yandex.Disk (images, audio files, videos) to the performer:
  1. Link Yandex.Disk in your profile.
  2. Set the string type for the input data field.
  3. Insert a file link using the proxy component.

Detailed instructions.

What overlap should I set?

Overlap defines how many performers complete the same pool task.

The best overlap is an overlap that provides satisfying quality of results. For most tasks that are not reviewed, overlap from “3” to “5” is enough. If the tasks are simple, overlap of “3” is likely to be enough. For tasks that are reviewed, set overlap to “1”.

What is the right time limit for the task completion?

Try completing the tasks yourself. Ask your colleagues and friends to complete them. Find out average completion time and add 50% to it.

How many tasks should I include in a task set?

The number of tasks on a page depends on how difficult and time-consuming the tasks are. Don't make task sets too large. They are unpopular, partly because they are inconvenient for performers (for example, if the internet connection is unstable).