Rating and statistics

The project page displays:
  • Rating — Evaluation of your project by performers.
  • Statistics — Summary information about pools, tasks and performers.

Project rating

The project rating is the average score for 14 days based on evaluations made by performers in four categories:

  1. The intention to complete similar tasks.
  2. Whether instructions are easy to understand.
  3. Task interface usability.
  4. Communication with the requester.

The project rating is available to performers. By default, the list of tasks is sorted by project rating. How can I increase the project's rating?.

Project statistics

To view the graphs, click Statistics.



Active pools

The number of active pools.

Pools (total)

The total number of pools.

Submitted assignments

The number of completed task pages (accounting for overlap).

Budget spent (+markup)

The amount of funds spent in all the pools.

Active users

The number of workers who completed at least one task page in the last hour and have access to the project (access to pools may be suspended).

Banned users

The number of performers who are blocked from accessing the project.

Interested in pool

The number of performers who started at least one task page.

Submitted in pool

The number of performers who completed at least one task page.