The project defines what the task will look like for a performer. For each type of task (such as text recognition or image sorting), you need to create a project.

You can view the list of created projects on the Projects page. Open the project page to view the list of pools, the project rating and the project statistics.

  1. Creating a project
  2. Editing a project
  3. Project versions

Creating a project

Create and tune your project in the sandbox, then move it to the production version of Toloka.

  1. Click the Create project button on the Projects page.

  2. Choose a template. The template contains pre-configured input and output data fields and the task interface, which you can edit.

    If there is no suitable template, choose an empty template.

  3. Enter Project name and Description. Performers will see this in the task list.

  4. Write instructions for the task for performers.

  5. Add fields for input and output data in the Specifications block.

  6. Set the Task issue:

    The performer is issued a random task from the pool.
  7. Describe the task interface.

    To see how the task will look, click Preview.

  8. Save the project.

After creating the project, add a task pool to it. You can also set up quality control in the project.

Editing a project

To edit project parameters, click the button in the list of projects or Project actions → Edit on the project page.
Attention. If you edit a required field, the changes apply only to new pools. Existing pools will continue using the previous version of the project.

Project versions

All changes to the project are saved in the version history. You can view previous versions or return to any of them.

The version number (for example, 1.2) consists of two numbers:

  1. The major version (the first number) appears when you change a required field in the input or output data:
    • Add, remove or rename a required field.
    • Change the field from optional to required.
    • Change the field parameters that aren't compatible with the current specification:
      • Reduce the maximum or increase the minimum number of items in the array.
      • Change allowed string values.
      • Reduce the maximum or increase the minimum length of a string.
      • Reduce the maximum or increase the minimum value for a number.
  2. The minor version (the second number) appears when you make any other changes to the project.
Attention. Changes to the major version of the project don't affect existing pools.
To go back to the previous version of the project:
  1. Go to the project editing.
  2. Click Select previous version at the bottom of the page.
    Project version example
  3. Choose a version. The project parameters return to the chosen version.
  4. Save the project to use the chosen project version as current.