Creating a project

If you already have a project and you want to create an identical one, clone the existing project. If not, create a new project.

New project

The project defines what the task will look like for a performer. To get better results, make tasks as simple as possible and divide complex tasks into several projects.

Tip. You can first create and test your project for free in the sandboxand then move it to the Toloka production version.

To create a project, follow the instructions:

  1. Click the Create project button on the Projects page.

  2. Choose a template. The template contains pre-configured input and output data fields and the task interface, which you can edit.

    If there is no suitable template, choose an empty template.

  3. Enter Project name and Description. Performers will see this in the task list.

  4. Write instructions for the task for performers.

  5. Add fields for input and output data in the Specifications block.

  6. Set the Task issue:

    The performer is issued a random task from the pool.
  7. Describe the task interface.

    To see how the task will look, click Preview.

  8. Save the project.

After creating the project, add a task pool to it. You can also set up quality control in the project.

Cloning a project

You can view the list of created projects on the Projects page. Open the project page to view the list of pools, project rating, and project statistics.

To clone a project, click in the list of projects or Project actions → Clone on the project page.

Attention. Quality control in the project is not cloned.

If you need to change the project settings, open edit mode.