Project settings

For each type of task (for example, text recognition, sorting images), you need to set up a project. The task settings are made in the project:

Create and configure your project in the sandbox, then move it to the production version of Toloka.

You can view a list of created projects on the Projects page. Statistics for task completion in the project are available on the project page.

Create a project

To create a project:

  1. Click Create project on the Projects page and enter its properties.

  2. Fill in the fields for input and output data in the Specifications section.

  3. Describe the task interface in the Task interface section.

    To see how the task will look, click Preview.

  4. Save the project.

After creating the project, add a task pool.

Project parameters



Project name

The name and description.

Displayed in the user interface (the list of tasks).



Instructions for completing the task.

To switch to HTML editing mode, click .

Private comment

Comments about the project. Visible only to the requester.

Task issue

How to assign tasks:

  • Random — The user is issued a random task from the pool.

  • Map — The user chooses a task on the map. For example, this method is appropriate for tasks that check geodata in the mobile interface.

    Fill in the Title and Description. Users will see the contents of these fields in the preview mode before choosing a task. You can use Handlebars and JavaScript expressions for substituting task input data, for example:

    {{inputParams['address-ru']}}| Work time: {{inputParams['working-time'].label || '—'}}

Project statistics

Information on the project page:



Active pools

The number of active pools.

Pools (total)

The total number of pools.

Submitted assignments

The number of completed tasks (accounting for overlap).

Budget spent (+markup)

The amount of funds spent in all the pools.

Active users

The number of users who completed at least one task and have access to the project (access to pools may be suspended).

Banned users

The number of users who are blocked from accessing the project.

Interested in pool

The number of users who have accepted at least one task.

Submitted in pool

The number of users who completed at least one task.